April 2024

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Access Token Creation by Project Admins

Project admins can create access tokens that are tied to the projects in which they hold administrative privileges. For more information, see Access Token Creation by Project Admins.Access Token Creation by Project Admins

DevOps (Artifactory, Distribution)



Support for CocoaPods Virtual Repositories

Artifactory now supports using CocoaPods virtual repositories, only for repositories using CDN- allowing you to access both local and remote CocoaPods resources through a single URL.

For more information, see Set Up Virtual CocoaPods Repositories and Use CocoaPods CDN for Virtual Repositories.Set Up Virtual CocoaPods RepositoriesUse CocoaPods CDN for Virtual Repositories

Support for OpenTofu Terraform Client

Artifactory now supports the OpenTofu registry and client, which provides an alternative to Hashicorp’s Terraform Provider Registry.

For more information, see Configure OpenTofu to Work With Artifactory.Configure Terraform Provider Registry with Artifactory Using OpenTofu

APIs for Creating & Retrieving Batches of Repositories 

A new API enables you to create multiple repositories using a batch request. The batch request can contain a mix of different package types and repository types. For more information, see Create Multiple Repositories . Another new API enables you to retrieve the configurations for a batch of repositories based on the repository names. For more information, see Get Multiple Repositories by Name.Create Multiple RepositoriesGet Multiple Repositories by Name

Improved Artifact Tree View

The Artifact Tree view has been significantly improved such that when opening a node on a repository, a specific (configurable) number of artifacts will be displayed instead of the entire contents of the repository. This significantly reduces loading time for repositories containing a large number of artifacts. The default display number is 500, but this number can be changed in the Aritfactory UI (click here for instructions). If there are more artifacts to display beyond the current list, a Load more option appears at the end of the list and when clicked displays more items.General Settings

The enhanced Artifact Tree View is available both in a Tree Browser and a Native Browser.

Improved Tracking of Distribution Task Progress

JFrog Distribution now uses an improved method for tracking distribution tasks, which enables more accurate updates about the progress of each task.