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Currently, JFrog Artifactory cannot support Cargo Virtual Repositories due to a Cargo Client limitation that does not provide a method to override dependencies for all Cargo Artifactory users.

What is the problem?

Cargo packages have a configuration file embedded into the package which lists the package's dependencies. Each dependency contains a URL field that is supposed to point to the same location of the package but more than often the URLs point to a source in a different location than the package itself.

Specifically in the Jfrog Artifactory context the ability to modify the source URLs in a scalable manner is crucial for us to provide the Virtual Repository capability since it each dependency can point once to a Local repository and another to a Remote repository.

With this being said, Cargo have provided developers with a solution to override dependencies as documented in Overriding Dependencies - The Cargo Book . Still, unfortunately, it is mostly for development use cases where a single user would set up their specific environment to point to local resources, and it does not provide a scalable method to override dependencies for all users consuming Cargo packages from Artifactory.

For further details please see the full discussions here:

How can you help?

If you are a Cargo developer waiting for virtual repository support in Jfrog Artifactory, we would extremely appreciate your assistance in steering and providing a scalable solution.

Please reach out to us via email here: