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This feature is supported on the Cloud (SaaS) platform with a Pro, Enterprise X , or Enterprise+ license, and on the Self-Hosted platform, with a Pro, Pro X, Enterprise X, or Enterprise+ license.

JFrog Artifactory is a universal DevOps solution providing end-to-end automation and management of binaries and artifacts through the application delivery process that improves productivity across your development ecosystem.

It enables freedom of choice supporting 25+ software build packages, all major CI/CD platforms, and DevOps tools you already use. Artifactory is Kubernetes ready supporting containers, Docker, Helm Charts, and is your Kubernetes and Docker registry and comes with full CLI and REST APIs customizable to your ecosystem.

Main Features and Functionality

  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments: You can host Artifactory on your own infrastructure, in the Cloud or use the SaaS solution providing maximum flexibility and choice.

  • Universal Binary Repository Manager: Artifactory offers a universal solution supporting all major package formats including Alpine, Maven, Gradle, Docker, Cargo, Conda, Conan, Debian, Go, Helm, Vagrant, YUM, P2, Ivy, NuGet, PHP, NPM, RubyGems, PyPI, Bower, CocoaPods, GitLFS, Opkg, SBT, Swift, Terraform and more. For more information, see Package Management.Package Management

  • Extensive Metadata: Artifactory provides full metadata for all major package formats for both artifacts and folders. These include metadata that originates with the package itself, custom metadata added by users such as searchable properties and metadata that is automatically generated by tools such as build information and more.

  • Artifactory as Your Kubernetes Registry: Artifactory allows you to deploy containerized microservices to the Kubernetes cluster as it serves as a universal repository manager for all your CI/CD needs, regardless of where they are running in your organization. Once you check in your App package, you can proceed to propagate and perform the build, test, promote and finally deploy to Kubernetes.

  • Massively Scalable: Supports a variety of enterprise-scale storage capabilities including S3 Object Storage, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob Storage and Filestore Sharding providing unlimited scalability, disaster recovery, and unmatched stability and reliability. Accommodates large load bursts with no compromise to performance. Increase capacity to any degree with horizontal server scalability to serve any number of concurrent users, build servers and interactions.S3 Object StorageGoogle Cloud StorageAzure Blob StorageFilestore Sharding

  • High Availability: Full active/active HA solution with live failover and non-disruptive production upgrades. For more information, see High Availability.High Availability

  • Advanced CI Server integration with Build Tools: JFrog Artifactory supports build integration whether you are running builds on one of the common CI servers in use today, on cloud-based CI servers or standalone without a CI server. Integration of Artifactory into your build ecosystem provides important information that supports fully reproducible builds through visibility of artifacts deployed, dependencies and information on the build environment. Artifactory provides visibility into your builds through the metadata it attaches to each artifact. In this way, you can trace your container images back to their source, so you always know what’s in your builds. For more information, see Build Integration.Build Integration

  • Custom API-Driven Automation: Artifactory exposes an extensive REST API that provides access to its features anywhere in the development cycle. Through the API you can manage builds, repositories and artifacts, you can perform searches, apply configurations, perform maintenance tasks and more.Artifactory REST APIs

  • Advanced Search with Artifactory Query Language: AQL (Artifactory Query Language) gives you unprecedented flexibility in how you search for artifacts. It offers a simple way to formulate complex queries that specify any number of search criteria, filters, sorting options and output fields.Artifactory Query Language

  • Artifactory Cloud with CDN Distribution: JFrog Artifactory Cloud with Amazon's CloudFront CDN solution allows Enterprise users to manage, control, and distribute high volumes of software distribution across multiple locations. The fully integrated advanced CDN solution removes the need to deal with the complexity of setting up a separate external CDN Caching system. For more information, see JFrog Cloud with CDN Distribution.JFrog Cloud with CDN Distribution