How the Automotive Industry can enjoy modern DevOps for C & C++

Diego Rodriguez-Losada Gonzalez
PhD Creator of Conan C/C++ Package Manager

The C and C++ programming languages are the backbone of all the modern technological infrastructure, and play a critical role in all embedded systems, financial, engineering, compute-intensive, and of course automotive. Self-driving, all embedded systems, infotainment, in automotive are all written in C and C++ and will be for many years. But the ecosystem of different platforms, build systems, compilers and other tools have been seriously slowing down the adoption and advantages of modern DevOps for these languages.

This talk will present how Conan, the C and C++ package manager, and JFrog Artifactory are already used by thousands of teams, including some of the leaders of the automotive industry, to manage their binaries. Using the same stack and processes in all platforms for all build systems and compilers brings large efficiency gains for teams and open the world of modern DevOps to C and C++ projects.

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