We’re stoked that you’re interested in our SuperFrogs program. First rule of SuperFrogs? Forget all you know about tech advocacy programs. SuperFrogs is different. Our emphasis is on:

Making life better for developers,
not helping a vendor
Helping the DevOps community,
not hawking products
Promoting CI/CD freedom of choice,
not loyalty to a brand
Creating long-lasting SDLC progress,
not short-term gains

As such, we’re looking for folks with superhero skills and superhero altruism that want to protect and transform the world of DevOps.

Looking for a Superfrog? spaceship


Nominate A Superfrog?

criteria for nomination

Criteria Criteria
Demonstrates and values the culture of JFrog and its employees.
Use JFrog product(s) for work or OSS projects
Blogs about JFrog product(s)
Demos JFrog product(s) in talks at meetups or conferences
Active within the technical community (meetup organizer, user group leader, vlogger or podcaster)
Frequently shares knowledge to the technical community through blogging, speaking, video tutorials/demos
Complete JFrog Academy or JFrog Certification (within 3 months of being nominated/accepted into the program)

How to nominate a superfrog?

After you will fill out the nomination form. our team will review the nomination and will reach out to the nominator and nominee for additional information.
A Superfrog must be nominated by a current/alumni SuperFrog, a luminary in the technical community or a JFrog employee.

The perks of a Superfrog

Trial Licenses to Build Cool Stuff
Beta Testing of the Cool Stuff We Build
Networking via Private Slack Workspace
Direct Access to Our Developers to Help You
Travel Support to Speak at Conferences
Exclusive SuperFrog Swag!!!
Exclusive Annual Gathering