JFrog Pipelines

Next-Generation CI/CD Automation and Orchestration


Enterprises are actively adopting DevOps processes, and consequently managing and maintaining tens or even hundreds of individual software pipelines is fast becoming the norm. IT organizations need a way of managing the cacophony of point solutions they use across their software development pipelines. They need a tool that can deliver continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) orchestration and automation as they scale.


JFrog Pipelines is a next-generation CI/CD automation and orchestration tool that embraces and enhances your pipeline processes by providing a centralized command and control mechanism across all your DevOps Pipelines. Make Cloud-native application delivery simpler – with advanced capabilities for container-based releases, and support for your legacy applications and modern ones in a single, unified experience. It is part of the most comprehensive universal platform for global DevOps – The JFrog Platform.



  • Scales horizontally with a centrally managed solution
  • Support thousands of users and pipelines in a high-availability (HA) environment


  • Pre-packaged declarative steps with no scripting required
  • Easily create complex pipelines, including cross-team “pipelines of pipelines”


  • Integrates with the most common DevOps tools
  • The steps in a single pipeline can run on multi-OS, multi-architecture nodes, reducing the need for multiple CI/CD tools


  • Fine-grained permissions and access control with centralized secret management
  • Integrate built-in security vulnerability scanning and license compliance, as part of your pipeline with JFrog Xray


  • Real-time interactive dashboard with alerts and notifications to easily identify and escalate bottlenecks and failures


  • Easy-to-learn declarative YAML-based pipelines with syntax that is standardized across steps
  • Declarative configurations that are versioned, modular, and reusable.


Maintain your existing CI/CD investments as JFrog Pipelines universally integrates with the most common CI/CD tools and DevOps technologies including code repositories and testing tools, all the way to deployment. Scale your CI/CD execution environment from a single project to the entire organization with thousands of nodes across many platforms – all with minimal management overhead.


Pipelines Integrations


  • Manage thousands of pipelines and users in a HA environment with a centralized solution
  • Deliver speed & efficiency by managing complex pipelines without intervention
  • Simplify and extend your processes with flexible solutions that span your entire CI/CD pipeline
  • Delivers on security promises with centralized fine-grained permissions and secret management
  • Supports On-prem, cloud, multi-cloud DevOps and hybrid topology deployments

JFrog Pipelines UI

“As enterprise organizations are more actively adopting DevOps processes, there is an increasing demand for more comprehensive suites of DevOps tools. Managing a cacophony of point solutions is untenable for enterprise customers looking to scale DevOps across their IT application landscape and increases costs and decreases team collaboration.”

Jim Mercer, Research Director – DevOps International Data Corporation (IDC)

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