Smart Search and Custom Properties

Artifactory provides you with flexible search capabilities both through the UI, and using the extensive REST API. You can find binaries based on any combination of inherent attributes such as name, version, timestamp, checksum and more. With Class Search you can confine your search to .class files, and from the result set, view the corresponding source files when available.

Artifactory also provides some common built-in searches. For example, you can ask Artifactory for the “latest” version of any binary without having to specify a particular build number. Artifactory knows how to compare all the different versions of a binary in any of its repositories and provide the latest one available. Artifactory takes this a step further and lets you search for binaries by build number, very much like using the version tag assigned to source files in source code control systems. This powerful feature  enables you to find all the specific artifacts that went into any build according to the build number.
But the full power of smart search comes with the flexibility that Artifactory provides you with custom properties that you can assign to your binaries, and then use in your searches. For example, you could define a property to classify the status of build artifacts indicating if they have completed QA or not. Then, when deciding which artifacts to upload to production, you could make sure that your search only provides binaries  that have been approved by your QA team. With all these capabilities, Artifactory’s flexible smart search lets you search for packages using virtually any set of rules relevant to your workflow.