Binary Repositories for DevOps

Artifactory gives a DevOps team the tools to efficiently manage the continual flow of code from each developer’s machine to the organization’s production environment. Bridging the gap between the development teams’ desktops and the organization’s servers, load balancers and databases, DevOps must support deploying products on an ongoing basis using CI servers. To manage the ever-growing matrix of binaries, environments and geographically distributed sites, Artifactory offers the following benefits:

System stability and reliability with High Availability (HA) Configuration.

Using a redundant cluster of servers on the same LAN means that there is no single-point-of-failure, your system can accommodate larger load bursts, and most maintenance tasks can be performed with zero downtime.

Managing many binaries across different environments

Only a single copy of any binary is ever stored on the file system, and Artifactory manages access to the file through repositories.

Security and Access Control

Artifactory can provide security and access control at several levels. From restricting complete repositories down to restricting a single binary, and from a group of any size down to a single developer.

Quickly replicate repositories to remote sites

To support collaboration between teams that are spread out over remote sites, Artifactory lets you replicate repositories, quickly and easily,  to another instance of Artifactory which is outside of your local network.

Full support for configuration tools to manage infrastructure

Since Artifactory is agnostic to package format, it can be a source for any tool that, essentially, provisions binaries such as CHEF, Puppet, Salt, Ansible, Docker and more. Artifactory makes configuration of infrastructure become a quick and painless process. Simply define specific repositories per environment and direct your configuration script to the right repository in Artifactory to provide virtual machine images, deb packages, RPMs, Docker images or any general zip or tar.gz file. Configure your clients with a URL that points to Artifactory, and use the REST to find whatever you need utilizing properties, layouts, virtual repositories and more.

User plugins

User plugins extend the REST API giving you a simple way to add functionality to Artifactory, and implement complex, custom behavior in your binary management workflow.