JFrog CTO Interviewed at KubeCon 2021

Watch Founder & CTO Yoav Landman discuss the upcoming releases and exciting future of JFrog. Interviewed by Alan Shimel from TechStrong Group TV at KubeCon 2021 in Los Angeles, CA.

Video Highlights:

  • Imagine if you had access to streamlined, consolidated and comprehensive security data in one platform that helped developers and security teams identify and fix their most critical issues rapidly. With two recent acquisitions, JFrog will become the desired platform for delivering the future of holistic application security, from developer to device.
  • Companies are looking for a holistic process that secures binaries all the way to the edge, consolidates security data for efficient decision-making and an end-to-end delivery system with the highest integrity.
  • JFrog’s announced acquisition of Vdoo – the creators of a hybrid product security platform that automates multidimensional security tasks throughout the entire build and release cycle – and how JFrog and Vdoo plan to integrate their technologies to further the secure Liquid Software vision.
  •  The acquisition of Upswift will enable companies to extend their digital transformation initiatives and modern DevOps pipelines (which JFrog is already a main provider of) into new and growing domains of distributed edge computing and IoT.
  • Securing Your Software Supply Chain: Yoav discusses how to protect your software development lifecycle (SDLC) from supply chain attacks, and ensuring the software you deliver to your employees and your customers is safe.

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