Curating Open-Source Libraries on the JFrog Platform [INDIA]

JFrog is hosting a two-part webinar series showcasing Binary Lifecycle Management using a 4-tier architecture with CI and CD flows. There will also be a demonstration of workflows implementing curation in a non-Air Gap environment. This is the first one of the series.

Session Overview

Software supply chain security has been the most widely discussed topic for anyone who is writing applications utilizing the majority of open-source or third-party libraries. This webinar will showcase JFrog Platform’s abilities to curate and compose workflows to help isolate libraries that have vulnerabilities and promote libraries to repositories that can be safely used. This webinar will also demonstrate self-service curation workflows.


  • Automating curation workflows from developer repositories within Artifactory.
  • Implementing SecOps policies within in Xray to evaluate and isolate open-source libraries.
  • Federated repositories between Artifactory instances.