JFrog Spoke Integration for ServiceNow

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JFrog Workflows for IT Operations Staff, SREs and Developers

Benefits of Integration

The JFrog Spoke enables enterprises to accomplish the following:

  • Enables out-of-the-box actions from Xray and Artifactory that your company can use in ServiceNow workflows to automate your overall security mitigation operations and administrative workflows.
  • Delivers Xray and Artifactory functionality through API calls to the ServiceNow NOW platform for seamless automated reporting, mitigation, and other workflows.
  • Provides JFrog Xray data software security vulnerabilities and open source license compliance issues available to users in ServiceNow.   
  • Allows teams to generate reports, create ignore rules, add custom item properties, scan builds and artifacts, manage artifacts, repositories, users, and groups, and create custom approval workflows.
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The JFrog Spoke enables teams to use no code functionality in the ServiceNow platform to build automated workflows with Xray and Artifactory, bringing DevSecOps and ServiceOps together seamlessly to empower teams to deliver safe software fast.

JFrog Xray is the universal software composition analysis (SCA) tool that enables DevSecOps teams to proactively identify open source vulnerabilities and license compliance violations before they manifest in production, and swiftly remediate across the entire application inventory.

With the JFrog Spoke, security and license policy violations detected by Xray can trigger ServiceNow workflows for rapid response. Through the ServiceNow Flow Designer, ServiceOps teams can construct automated workflows that drive further Xray actions, such as generating violations reports, creating new ignore rules, re-scanning builds and artifacts, assigning custom item properties, or assigning new permissions to users and groups. When used with Spokes for other services such as messaging, e-mail, or ticket creation, the out-of-the-box actions of the JFrog Xray Spoke empower teams to respond reliably and rapidly with comprehensive security, operational, and administrative workflows in ServiceNow to automate your overall IT operations. 

The JFrog Spoke can also be used to create automated approval workflows for creating new users and groups, adding new artifacts to repositories and even creating new repositories for new projects or specific purposes.

Integration Features

The JFrog Spoke has actions that can be combined with other native Spokes from ServiceNow and other third-party tools to create enterprise-grade workflows for vulnerability and change management for all your ITSM needs.

Overall Features:

  • Track Xray Vulnerabilities
  • Track License Violations
  • Create Ignore Rules
  • Move and Delete Artifacts
  • Create or Delete Repositories
  • Create Users and Groups
  • Update Permissions for Users and Groups
  • Approval Workflows
  • Generate and Send Violations Reports
  • Trigger Scans of new Artifacts and Builds
  • Manage Custom Item Properties

Use Cases

  • Production Engineering – Build workflows that help track where an artifact or component is in its security journey and help manage builds when important software security or compliance events are detected to enable quick remediation.
  • SRE/IT Admin Oversight – Configuring Xray related workflows that automatically create new repositories, move affected artifacts, and inform the right development and compliance teams can ensure robust and secure applications at every step in the release lifecycle.
  • Quality Assurance – QA teams can configure custom workflows that monitor and mitigate software security violations based on their organization’s unique delivery process and use other Spoke actions to automate many tasks.
  • Shift Left Security – Developers and Dev managers configure Xray policies and watches to continuously scan targeted artifact repositories used for milestone dev builds. Notifications sent to the JFrog Spoke help development teams mitigate security vulnerabilities and enable resolution at the earliest point in the development lifecycle.
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