Remotely monitor Raspberry Pi CPU/RAM/Disk usage using Resource Monitor tool

When running a Linux device such as Raspberry Pi as an edge device in a remote location, it’s always a smart choice to monitor the resource usage of your device to ensure that there’s ample disk space and memory is available, and the CPU is being utilized properly. This becomes especially useful when your Linux edge is based on a Single Board Computer such as a Raspberry Pi, which inherently has a relatively limited set of resources such as RAM and CPU power.

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Taking an intuitive and a more elegant approach, we introduce you our version of remote resource monitoring and alert scheme, the Resource Monitor Tool under the Monitor category in the JFrog Connect dashboard.

JFrog Connect Resource Monitor tool

The resource monitor tool for monitoring your linux edge devices by JFrog Connect is located in the left navigation bar on your dashboard, under the Monitor section.

To monitor your linux edges resource usage such as RAM, CPU and Disk, we offer you a set of features that are convenient and easy to use:

  • RAM usage
  • CPU usage
  • Disk usage

These features lets you set an alert when the RAM, Disk usage of your linux edge exceeds a predefined value. You can set your alerts preference to emails (depending on your subscription) or notifications only.

In addition to the main 3 parameters, we also offer you to monitor the

  • Online/Offline status
  • The online/offline status of your edge (this feature uses periodic pings with the agent running on your device(s) to ensure that they are connected to the dashboard.*
  • Smart Detection
  • We have created an AI-based set of algorithms running on our servers, monitoring the usages of your resources and smartly deciding whether there are any abnormalities. This machine-learning based algorithm evolves over-time and can detect any unusual resource usage spikes that occur on your edge(s).*

* also supports the same notification schemes as the main .

Monitor group(s) of Linux edges at once

JFrog Connect Resource Monitor can monitor multiple linux edge devices at once to ensure that your fleet of devices are monitored constantly for their resource usage.

Using Resource Monitor to monitor the online/offline state of Raspberry Pi

In the example shown below, the online status of a Raspberry Pi 4B and Orange Pi One are displayed.

Entries showing Device Turned Off, and marked as Finished; which means that the turn off event is complete, which in turn means that the device is back online.

Entries showing Device Turned Off,, and marked as Ongoing; which means that the turn off event is in progress, which in turn means that the device is offline.

When a CPU stress test was running, it triggered the CPU usage threshold exceeding point and the notification is shown as Detected Irregular CPU Usage in the message.

This way, you can monitor the status of Raspberry Pis and other linux edge devices such as Nvidia Jetson, Orange Pi, Banana Pi etc. and ensure they go through minimum downtime; ultimately increasing the productivity of your edge devices.

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