How IoT Management Can Help Any Company Manage Products Remotely

If you're having trouble managing your products then check out this article to learn how IoT management can help any business manage more efficiently remotely.

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There are currently around 30.2 million small businesses in operation throughout America. If you're among these ranks, technology management is likely a top priority. From data storage to the deployment of applications that employees use daily, there's so much that needs to be taken care of.

Fortunately, IoT management services make it possible to remotely manage interconnected devices. Read on to learn more about this concept and to learn why JFrog Connect is the top trusted provider of IoT fleet management software.

What Is IoT Management?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term referring to a system of interrelated and connected objects that transfer data over a wireless network. The main appeal of IoT is that there's no need for manual human intervention for the provisioning, authentication, configuring, and maintenance of each part of a system of devices.

However, IoT management software is essential to reaping these benefits. Without a strong management system, you will need to waste time and money performing these tasks manually. The chances of human error are high and businesses encounter the same problems over and over again. Because of this, a fully-managed IoT fleet management platform is necessary.

What Services Does JFrog Connect Provide?

JFrog Connect is the #1 IoT management provider for businesses like yours. Its user-friendly interface displays all connected devices on a single dashboard, allowing you to manage all of them at once.

This platform can connect to any type of Linux system and manage the entire network fleet. It provides the entire infrastructure so that you can focus on application development and save time. Software bugs will all be resolved from remote facilities so you don't need to worry about them.

There are a variety of benefits to our product that differentiate it from other IoT management platforms. Some of these advantages include:

  • Notifications when there is a behavior anomaly/app error within your network
  • Easy and quick to integrate with Linux devices (the process only takes one minute)
  • Automatic remote updates that ensure you always are running the most recent software
  • The deployment and updating of new features each day

Who Can Benefit From This?

Every business that uses technology can benefit from our platform. Whether you need to manage interconnected applications on cash registers or to manage a fleet of robots that makes the jobs of construction workers easier, IoT management is the right way to ensure that your tech runs smoothly.

From robotics companies to gas stations, JFrog Connect prides itself on providing a platform that people of all areas of expertise can use. With top-tier customer service, it's also easy to inquire about how your specific IoT needs can be met.

Get Started

Now that you know how JFrog Connect can help you manage connected devices remotely, it's time to get a trial of our services.

Schedule a demo with us to begin reaping the benefits of IoT management today. Our experts are also happy to answer any remaining questions that you have about deploying and managing large fleets of IoT devices. We're committed to providing you with a sound and sustainable platform to make tech use easy for your organization, so we look forward to hearing from you soon.