Forward with Java 18 and Beyond @ St. Louis Java User Group

JFrog is a proud Community Sponsor for the St. Louis Java User Group

May 12, 2022

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JFrog is a proud 2022 Sponsor for the
St. Louis Java User Group! 

About the Presentation: The most recent LTS Java 17 was released in September, so the question is obviously, what’s next for Java? In this presentation, we will look at some of the new features introduced between Java 11 and Java 17 that are laying the foundation for some exciting new changes coming in Java in 18 and beyond!

About the Presenter: Billy Korando is a Java Developer Advocate with the Java Platform Group at Oracle. With over a decade of experience in Java, Billy brings a passion for helping developers find ways to reduce tedious work; such as project initiation, deployment, testing and validation, through automation and adopting the latest features and tools in the Java ecosystem. Outside of work, Billy enjoys traveling, playing kickball, and cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs. Billy also co-organizes the Kansas City Java users group.