swampUP 2016: JFrog User Conference

The JFrog User Conference, affectionately known as “swampUP”, is a yearly event where developers and DevOps come together to talk, network, learn from industry visionaries, and…enjoy an endless flow of fine food and wine (who said learning can’t be fun). Last year’s one-day event was so successful (here are some pictures), and generated so much interest, that we decided to extend this year’s swampUP to two days. With early-bird registration soon drawing to a close, we thought you might be interested to hear about what we have lined up for you this year.


OK, let’s get serious. At the end of the day, you want to feel you’ve learned something between all that food, wine, spa and pool. Each day is split into three tracks, Champagne, Burgundy, and Chianti, with the first day dedicated to conference presentations. Here are some highlights of our lineup.

  • Adrian Cockcroft, DevOps Visionary at Battery Ventures, will give a keynote about his vision for the future of DevOps.
  • Kevin Nilson, Solution Engineer at Google, will be talking about using Android apps on your TV.
  • Jon Schneider, Software Engineer at Netflix, will show how his team uses Artifactory for dependency management to support thousands of production changes per day.
  • Daryl Spartz, Software Architect at Yahoo, will share how his team cleaned up 13 terabytes of data in their Artifactory HA installation with no system impact.
  • Craig Vosburgh, Distinguished Engineer at CA Technologies, will talk about using Artifactory as the backbone for a Continuous Delivery tool chain.

And the list goes on…

The second day is more oriented to training. We’re going to get our hands dirty and dig deep under the hood of Artifactory and Bintray with talks by JFrog experts like Fred Simon, Chief Architect; Yoav Landman, CTO and Co-founder; Baruch Sadogursky, Developer Advocate; and Roy Zanbel, Product Manager.

Here’s what the three tracks will offer on the second day:

  • Champagne gives an introduction to Artifactory and Bintray, going into topics like installation, HA, Artifactory CLI, Security, build integration, CI/CD integration, as well as first steps with Bintray.
  • Burgundy goes into more advanced topics such as leveraging Artifactory for Automation and managing Docker container lifecycles.
  • Chianti puts emphasis on Artifactory enterprise features and offers one-on-one expert sessions with JFrog CTO, Yoav Landman and JFrog Chief Architect, Fred Simon.


To get an idea of the high level of talks you can expect to hear, feel free to check out last year’s sessions.

What about the costs?

Don’t let money stand between you and a couple of days full of relaxed education and networking. Here are some talking points that can get your boss to approve the budget:

  • Extremely close interaction with top leaders of the continuous integration and delivery domain and JFrog technical elite.
  • Highly technical content dealing with advanced topics of Artifactory/Bintray.
  • Bring home the latest news about what’s next in continuous integration and delivery and how it can help you going forward.

Rolling vineyards and sunshine

SwampUP is not your typical conference. It’s held in the great California wine country of Napa Valley. The sunshine, rolling vineyards and fresh air at the Meritage Resort and Spa made such an impression last year that we decided to go back to the same luxurious location. No more gargantuan lecture halls or stuffy conference rooms. It’s time to put some relaxation, fine food, and wine into the conference experience.

Register now for early-bird pricing.