Refactoring to modules @ GopherCon IL 2019

Talk Materials Rob Pike on Go origins Dave Cheney on the problems of early day Go dependency management (or lack of thereof) Andrew Gerrand and Brad Firzpatrick admitting the problems Partial list of Go dependency managers Monorepo evangelism Sam Boyer on the problem of dependency management Russ’ view of Go Dep experiment Sam’s view of … Continued

Going Secure with Go

Slides and Code Talk Materials (In Order of Appearance) Sumo Logic masking rules Splunk Data Anonymization ELK X-Pack Permissions Fluentd Filtering Plugin DB Passwords Google Query “Remove Passwords” GitHub Query Hashicorp Vault gosec Linter depguard Linter golangci-lint Fuzzy Testing Tweet go-fuzz Russ Cox On Dependencies Equifax provides info on the breach to the Congressional Committee … Continued

Measuring the unmeasurable

Talk Materials DevRel Bible DevRelCon 2016 talk on how hard it is to measure f2f Alice (hire her, she’s amazing, it’s all her idea) Google Data Studio YouTube Analytics Notist DevRel Radio

Master tooling for containers at MS Ignite 2018

Talk Materials: Talk demo code! Microsoft Open Source Home Page Azure DevOps Extensions Microsoft Open Source Home Page Free $200 Azure Credit Azure Kubernetes Service JFrog Artifactory – The Universal Artifact Repository JFrog Xray – The Universal Composition Analysis Tool Codefresh Ignite 2018 Draft Helm Dotfiles LoECDA Website – Talks schedule!

Java Puzzlers NG S03 at Voxxed Days Singapore 2018

Click here for the presentation slides Talk Materials Target types of return statements forEachRemaining contract clarifications NullPointerException on object of parallelStream().forEach Inheriting Methods with Override-Equivalent Signatures Jigsaw specs Conversion rules for conditional operator Formal parameters declaration Send us your puzzlers to!