Java Puzzlers NG S03 at DevNexus 2018

Talk Materials Jigsaw specs Conversion rules for conditional operator Bit shift operations Narrowing primitive conversions Reciever Parameters IntStream.range() IntStream.forEach() Equals contract for Double DoubleStream.average()

Where the Helm are my binaries @Kubernetes Canada Meetups

  Talk Materials Helm Why dependency managers suck Offtopic – Printers were sent to us from hell Helm Summit – do not miss! “More Charts – more problems” talk at the Helm Summit Kubeapps – The official repository of Helm Charts A random Dockerfile with a lot of dependency managers JFrog Artifactory – The Universal … Continued

#DataDrivenDevOps @ QCon London 2018

Slides! Talk Materials Velocity Architectural Complexity SLA (Service Level Agreement) MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) Code Coverage Net Promoter Score Why Artifact Topology is Important Return on investment (ROI) Smoke Testing JFrog Mission Control Created vs Resolved Issues Report Application performance management Lines of Code (LoC) metric JFrog Insight The Phoenix Project

DevOps @Scale (Greek Tragedy in 3 Acts) @ Oracle Code NY 2018

  Slides Talk Materials Rancher Labs What is DevOps? Atlassian JIRA GitHub Travis CI AWS Beanstalk Atlassian Confluence JFrog Artifactory Sumologic Pingdom Root Cause Analysis SOC II SME APM and APM tools JFrog Xray JFrog Mission Control Blazemeter Epimyth Release It! The Art of Scalability