DevOps @Scale (Greek Tragedy in 3 Acts)

Talk Materials What is DevOps? [Video] Making DevOps Work: Lessons From The Trenches JIRA GitHub Travis CI AWS Beanstalk Leftpad and the #npmgate Atlassian Confluence JFrog Artifactory Sumologic Pingdom Root Cause Analysis GitLab accident SOC II SME APM and APM tools JFrog Xray JFrog Mission Control Blazemeter Epimyth Release It! The Art of Scalability The … Continued

Groovy Puzzlers S04: The Bytecode Bites Back

Talk Materials Oldest puzzlers online today – Java Puzzlers 2007 (already without Neil Gafter) Groovy on JFrog Bintray Are Jåger shoots a good idea? getAt returns null as expected first() throws NoSuchElementException as expected Generics endidng brackets confused for right shift leftShift throws exception if the right operand is not an integral type as expected … Continued