Silicon Valley Chainsaw Massacre (how I spent my last Friday night on-call)

Talk Materials VictorOps Pager Duty Проект “Феникс”. Роман о том, как DevOps меняет бизнес к лучшему Драйв. Что на самом деле нас мотивирует About Me Baruch Sadogursky (a.k.a JBaruch) is the Developer Advocate at JFrog. For a living he hangs out with JFrog’s tech leaders, writes code around the JFrog Platform and its ecosystem, and … Continued

DevOps @Scale (Greek Tragedy in 3 Acts)

Talk Materials What is DevOps? [Video] Making DevOps Work: Lessons From The Trenches JIRA GitHub Travis CI AWS Beanstalk Leftpad and the #npmgate Atlassian Confluence JFrog Artifactory Sumologic Pingdom Root Cause Analysis GitLab accident SOC II SME APM and APM tools JFrog Xray JFrog Mission Control Blazemeter Epimyth Release It! The Art of Scalability The … Continued