Java Puzzlers NG S04 at DevNexus 2019

View Java Puzzlers NG S04 – Looks like with this release cycle the puzzlers are here to stay on Notist. Talk Materials Earliest known recording of the original Java Puzzlers series Qualified this Definite Assignment The Java Type System is Broken [BUG] Local inner class in generic method should be treated as generic [BUG] Object.wait(long, … Continued

Research into DevOps Bottlenecks at DevNexus 2019

View A Research Study into DevOps Bottlenecks on Notist. Talk Materials What is DevOps? DevOps@Scale talk Thoughtworks on Continuous Delivery The Netflix Tech Blog DevOps Research and Assessment(DORA) State of DevOps 2018 Report Bugsee Scentbird Release It! JFrog The Art of Scalability The Phoenix Project