Pyrsia: Open Source Software that Helps Protect the Open Source Supply Chain

Announcing Pyrsia at JFrog’s annual DevOps user conference, swampUP 2022

Pyrsia Announcement

Stephen Chin is no stranger to having big ideas and implementing them to help the developer community. In the last twenty years he’s been involved in building open source IDEs, bootstrapping rich client libraries, maintaining JVM languages, and cultivating relationships with developers that do the same. He has also authored several books including Raspberry Pi with Java: Programming the Internet of Things, Pro JavaFX 8: A Definitive Guide to Building Desktop, Mobile, and Embedded Java Clients, and most recently DevOps Tools for Java Developers with his JFrog colleagues Melissa McKay, Ixchel Ruiz, and Baruch Sadogursky.

So what has Stephen been tinkering with lately… supply chain security. “With all the supply chain security attacks happening to our customers we were looking for a better solution to provide the open source community with tools and infrastructure where they can secure their releases and builds, avoiding a single point of failure or weakness in the open source supply chain.

Pyrsia is designed to be entirely decentralized to give developers a reliable and secure package network that has full provenance of all the packages and artifacts they depend upon,” said Chin.

Pyrsia reliable secure open

To kick the project off, the JFrog Pyrsia team started collaborating with one of our strategic partners, Docker, on creating a secure, distributed peer to peer network for container images. The focus is on developers to make the developer experience for working with open source container images seamless and integrated with their existing toolsets, tools and workflows.

JFrog Pyrsia TeamJFrog Pyria Team

For the launch of Pyrsia we have a client that integrates seamlessly with your Docker Command Line tools and allows you to download official Docker images from the peer-to-peer Pyrsia network giving you secure container images to base your development off of.

In addition to Docker, JFrog is collaborating with DeployHub, Futurewei, HuaWei, and Oracle to build the technology behind Pyrsia and to run authorized nodes on the Pyrsia network.

Pyrsia Collaboration

We are very excited to have Stephen Chin publicly announce Pyrsia at JFrog’s annual user conference, swampUP. Co-presenting the launch with Justin Cormack, CTO of Docker.

At Docker we feel that this is an exciting time for the community to work together on innovation around the supply chain, and its core, critical components around build and packaging. We are excited to join the Pyrsia project and work together with the community on this. There  is a huge opportunity to build new kinds of infrastructure over the core container primitives that will foster innovation and better developer experiences,” said Cormack.

For more information on Pyrsia and to try the Pyrsia client go to