I Just Met a DB Called Maria

JFrog Artifactory supports MariaDB

Checksum-Based Storage

One of the key and unique features in Artifactory is checksum-based storage in which Artifactory stores an uploaded artifact’s checksum in a database and maps that checksum to the file’s location in storage. Using checksum-based storage optimizes your interaction with packages you upload through deduplication; copy, move and delete operations that happen at the speed of a database transaction; absence of file locks and more. This means that the database that implements the checksum-based storage is critical to Artifactory’s fundamental capabilities.

Universal Goes DB with MariaDB

We are happy to announce that, in line with Artifactory’s universal nature, supporting all major package formats, build tools and CI servers, from version 5.10 Artifactory adds support for MariaDB. This brings the number of databases supported by Artifactory to six, including Derby, MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and now, MariaDB.

What is MariaDB?

It’s a popular open-source fork of MySQL. Why is it important for JFrog to support it? Because we want to be universal, and by supporting this popular database, we are extending Artifactory’s universal nature to databases. You can learn more about MariaDB on their website and download and install MariaDB resources from their GitHub repository.

As a universal repository manager, JFrog Artifactory sits comfortably in the center of virtually any development ecosystem, and with the addition of MariaDB, the multi-dimensional matrix of ecosystems that Artifactory supports just got bigger.