JFrog @ Jenkins Days

Jenkins Days are upon us and JFrog is happy to be participating by sponsoring and giving a talk in both Boston (April 10) and Washington (April 12). Bruce Nguyen, JFrog Sr Solution Engineer, will talk about how “Binary Artifact Management is Crucial for any DevOps Implementation”. In this talk he will cover the following topics:

  1. Binary artifact management with JFrog Artifactory
  2. Jenkins Artifactory Plugin
  3. Build artifact deployment and dependencies
  4. Build promotion using Jenkins pipeline
  5. Packaging as a Docker image with artifact traceability
  6. JFrog Xray scan of a Docker image and its underlying components

If you’re in the neighborhood, come see us (and if you’re not, head over). It should be a great event.

You can register now:

Jenkins Days Boston (April 10)

Jenkins Days Washington (April 12)