JFrog and Google Cloud Platform for Open Source: A Year in Review

JFrog Artifactory and GCP community project

Open source projects are now influencing software development more than ever before. We are seeing communities grow and innovation being created through open collaboration across company boundaries. Building a community and working across boundaries is not an easy process, so Google and JFrog are working together to ease the way forward.

In late 2016 we announced a sponsorship program for OSS projects to use Artifactory Pro for free on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). We were so excited to have Google as a partner in this “gift to the community” to make it easier for OSS projects to collaborate and release their software to end users and devices faster.  Through this partnership, open source developers have the ability to use all the features of Artifactory Pro (including support for over 20 package types) to expedite their software build and release process, while hosted on a robust, proven and leading cloud infrastructure.

We now have over 30 projects that are benefiting from this program.  Read about Google’s support of this initiative in their recent blog post.


Here’s what a few of our sponsored OSS projects have to say about the program:

ghxGHX Healthcare Supply Chain Management

“By implementing a CI/CD process using these tools, the Software Configuration Management team enabled the development team to increase the quantity and quality of software releases.”

Michael Johnson, Change Control Manager

Kindly OpsKindly Ops – Managed DevOps & Managed Cloud Services

“As an open source project, we don’t currently have any on-prem place to run Artifactory, so using the hosted version is essential for our project.”

Elliot Murphy, CEO

Needham SoftwareNeedham Software – Custom Software Services

“By using JFrog Artifactory hosted on GCP, I can continue to provide an amazing open source solution for loading content into search engine without the burden of setting up my own infrastructure, monitoring hosting fees, or worry about scale as the number of users on JesterJ increases.”

Patrick (Gus) Heck, CEO & Founder

OpenMRSOpenMRS – Open Source Medical Record System Platform

“The JFrog company standing behind Artifactory and Bintray has generously offered to sponsor a dedicated Artifactory instance and an org account on Bintray for OpenMRS. It all worked out great and we did not hear about any single issue from developers after the migration. The Artifactory Cloud service works perfect for us so far and is a relief for our busy infrastructure team.”

Rafal Korytkowski, Software Engineer

Psono – Open Source Password Management

“Great! Exactly what I wanted. I registered (initially as a demo, that once approved gets later converted in a permanent installation) and played a bit around with it.

Artifactory is feature rich, the “Set me up” button makes it so easy to get started with new repos. It just works like a charm!”

From Psono blog

We’d like to see more projects sign up and start benefiting from this program. If you want yours to be the next OSS project that’s fully sponsored by JFrog and Google…

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