[Case Study] Supporting Multiple Disparate Tools While Optimizing Storage

The Mercedes-Benz brand immediately conjures up images of luxury and quality. We’d all be happy driving one, but beyond luxuries, Mercedes Benz is at the forefront of technology blazing the way forward in the field of autonomous connected cars. At the Mercedes Benz R&D facility in Sunnyvale (MBRDNA) research is conducted to add intelligence to the car and the driving experience in general, from using voice commands to automatically playing the right music to suit your mood. But working on so many different aspects of what is your “home” as you crawl through traffic requires the use of many different technologies. The engineers at MBRDNA had to support different CI servers, manage Gigabytes of dependencies for a variety of software package formats, and somehow, share builds between teams that were collaborating on a project. They found themselves running at full capacity and unable to accommodate the scale they wanted to reach.

Read this case study to learn how the teams at MBRDNA used JFrog Artifactory to optimize their software supply chain enabling them to increase their operations by a factor of 10 while reducing build times by 90%.

Watch the webinar describing their journey with JFrog.

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