JFrog CLI is a compact and smart command-line client that performs a variety of functions on JFrog products including upload and download of files, getting details about an artifact, managing security and licensing and more. As a small and lightweight tool, it provides a simple interface that automates access to JFrog Artifactory, JFrog Bintray and JFrog Mission Control (through their respective REST APIs). By using the JFrog CLI, you can greatly simplify and optimize your automation scripts making them more readable and easier to maintain, as well as making them more efficient and reliable.

Parallel uploads and downloads

JFrog CLI lets you upload and download artifacts concurrently by a configurable number of threads which helps your automated builds run faster. For big artifacts, you can even define a number of chunks into which files should be split for parallel download.

Checksum optimization

JFrog CLI optimizes both upload and download operations by skipping artifacts that already exist in their target location. Before uploading an artifact, JFrog CLI executes a query with the artifact’s checksum. If it already exists in storage, the CLI skips sending the file. Similarly when downloading an artifact, if it already exists in the same download path, it will be skipped. Thanks to checksum optimization, long upload and download operations can be stopped in the middle and then be continued later where they left off.

Wildcards and regular expressions

JFrog CLI supports wildcards and regular expressions giving you an easy way to collect all the artifacts you wish to upload or download.

Upload preview

All upload operations can be used with the –dry-run option to give you a preview of all the files that would be uploaded with the current command.

JFrog CLI goes beyond REST taking automation scripting to the next level.