Certificate Management

To proxy a remote resource in Artifactory, usually, all you need to do is create a remote repository, point it to the resource’s URL and you’re done. For example, to proxy JCenter on Bintray, you just create a remote repository, and set its URL to be https://jcenter.bintray.com. However, some remote resources (e.g., Red Hat Network) block anonymous access and require authentication using an SSL/TLS certificate issued by the resource administrators. Artifactory’s Certificate Management module manages the different client certificates Artifactory may need for authentication to remote resources.

Certificate Manager - JFrog Artifactory

Through the Certificate Manager in the Artifactory UI you can add, list, and download certificates, and to support automation, Artifactory also exposes REST API endpoints for all these functions. Once you have installed a certificate in Artifactory’s Certificate Manager, you can select it in a Remote Repository’s settings for authentication with the remote resource.