Audit Logs and Geo Analytics

Docker Hub, NuGet Gallery, and other repositories for different packaging formats all provide download statistics. It’s the most basic piece of information you need as a software publisher to understand if the package you have uploaded is getting any traction in the community. But that’s not enough. Haven’t you ever wondered exactly who downloaded your images and from where?  Bintray gives you that and much more.

Deep user insights

It starts where most download centers end, and just keeps getting better. First, there’s the basic number of downloads that Bintray displays on the Stats page. Then there are rich Live Logs generated in real time as users access your packages. These provide detailed information such as region, country and IP address, down to the specific user and organization. Live logs are available for every OSS package on JCenter and for any other package on a Professional tier repository.

Live Logs

In addition Bintray accumulates the Live Logs, and stores them as daily Download Logs which you can download in different formats such as Apache style or CSV, and analyze using one of the many tools available.

With Live Logs and Download Logs you get much more detail about activity within your repositories. This can be very helpful in analyzing peaks of activity as it provides immediate feedback on the popularity of your software, and how this popularity is distributed by version, geo-location, organization and more; valuable user insights that can direct you to where you should be focusing your marketing efforts.