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JFrog Pipelines: Easier, Unified Software Delivery

Susan Hall, June 21, 2019

Pipelines, a technology preview in its JFrog Enterprise+ package of development tools, can be used to automate every phase of development — from build time to production deployment.


The CEO of this $1.2 billion DevOps startup says he’s providing ‘pain’ medicine to developers

Rosalie Chan, June 20, 2019

JFrog unveiled over-the-air updates, which can provide automobiles with software updates while they’re in motion and potentially prevent crashes.

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JFrog Unveils Over The Air Software Updates, a Game Changer for DevOps for IoT

PRESS RELEASE, June 19, 2019

Installing and updating software live with the JFrog Enterprise+ Platform without user planning or intervention highlights swampUP day two

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JFrog Announces Unified Pipeline Experience to Liquefy DevOps

PRESS RELEASE, June 18, 2019

Focus on developer journey, DevSecOps, CI/CD automation and DevOps unification dominate day one of JFrog swampUP 2019

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DevOps Industry Leaders Assemble in San Francisco for Annual Can’t-Miss Event

PRESS RELEASE, May 21, 2019

Standing apart from many generic conferences, swampUP provides not only visionary educational sessions, but also unmatched networking opportunities for the community through landmark cocktail receptions and the annual, can’t-miss Community Gala Dinner. Conference alumni have further come to expect exclusive insight into the JFrog product roadmap, which this year will include a sneak peek of the all-new universal DevOps experience and exciting CI/CD features following the Shippable acquisition.

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JFrog Powers Hybrid Kubernetes via Google Cloud GKE Services

PRESS RELEASE, April 9, 2019

JFrog, a DevOps technology leader, announced today the availability of JFrog Artifactory on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) via the GCP Marketplace. JFrog’s hybrid offerings, based on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), now include on-prem support. With this new support, JFrog demonstrates its commitment to freedom of choice, and helps further JFrog’s vision of Liquid Software through continuous update flows across customers’ infrastructure.


DevOps consolidation continues with JFrog and Shippable

Darryl K. Taft, February 28, 2019

JFrog’s acquisition of Shippable gives JFrog another arrow in its DevOps quiver and enables its customers to use an integrated DevOps platform that includes CI/CD

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JFrog acquires Shippable, Delivers Complete DevOps Pipeline Automation From Code to Production

PRESS RELEASE, February 21, 2019

JFrog platform incorporates best-of-breed CI/CD technology to drive enterprise DevOps forward, provides users with an integrated DevOps solution


JFrog acquires Shippable, adding continuous integration and delivery to its DevOps platform

Ingrid Lunden, February 21, 2019

JFrog, the popular DevOps startup now valued at more than $1 billion after raising $165 million last October, is making a move to expand the tools and services it provides to developers on its software operations platform: it has acquired Shippable, a cloud-based continuous integration and delivery platform (CI/CD) that developers use to ship code and deliver app and microservices updates, and plans to integrate it into its Enterprise+ platform.

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JFrog acquires Shippable for CI/CD capabilities

Jenna Sargent, February 21, 2019

DevOps company JFrog has announced its intention to acquire Shippable for its cloud-native and Kubernetes-ready CI/CD capabilities.

Shippable is a DevOps and CI automation solution provider that offers an assembly platform for shipping software faster.

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