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"We always use products ourselves before we put it out there, which makes better products, and makes us have empathy for each other, for the user experience...I want to identify where the pain is, because we're gonna do something better."   Melody Meckfessel, Senior Engineering Director, Google Cloud Platform
"Automation allows us to have our technical people coding, rather than setting up repos...If you have a lot of customers and have challenges getting repos up, this could be a life-saving route."
Justin Jones, Consulting Architect, DevOps and Cloud Native Applications, VMware 
“Both devs and IT pros or ops are having this larger expectation of ‘get it done faster’,
‘get it done yesterday’. From a Microsoft perspective, how do we give you the tools to meet that demand?" Jessica Deen, Cloud Developer Advocate, Microsoft
"Mesos is famous for being somewhat notoriously hard to manage. We thought, how can we help them get there? We want to make sure that there's not a duplicate of work that's not really essential to your business." Elizabeth Joseph, Open Source Developer Advocate, Mesosphere
"The main goal is a much more declarative syntax...Our first goal was to be able to determine what Jenkins was and was doing, and to be able to find a pipeline. The only thing the end user needs to know is the agent, they didn't need to know the actual infrastructure."
Patrick Wolf, Product Manager, CloudBees


The beauty of cloud infrastructure is the ability to scale as your needs grow, without the hassle of provisioning, configuring, or managing all the required components. JFrog has partnered with the leading cloud providers to make it easy for companies to expedite building and releasing their software with JFrog products.

certified expert

The JFrog Expert Partner program makes it easy for customers to purchase JFrog products and services, including technical DevOps consulting, JFrog product installation and configuration, and custom DevOps integrations. Our program also provides U.S. Government experts to support your sales and services needs.

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By partnering with other companies within the DevOps ecosystem, we are improving the way our customers can use JFrog products in their workflow. These partnerships strengthen JFrog’s Universal approach to managing and distributing software.

Tech Integrations

We enable third-party integration with JFrog products through available APIs, placing your DevOps processes in one, universal artifact management environment. Releasing software faster has never been easier.